General Guidelines:  

We are open to various types of literary work. While we welcome all submissions that meet our guidelines, we are especially interested in work that centers women, particularly women of color and same gender loving women. Our preferred genres are literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and short fiction. We are not accepting poetry, children's literature, YA or NA, horror, (speculative fiction is fine), or romance. 

Please send us your very best unpublished work (this includes work published on blogs).  Prose (fiction and non-fiction) manuscripts should be from 40,000-80,000 words. If your work is under serious consideration by another publisher, please wait until you have received a decision before submitting it to us.

We accept Microsoft Word files only. Please use the following formatting guidelines:

·      Double-spaced Times New Roman or similar font

·      Five-space paragraph indents

·      One inch margins

·      Name, title, genre, page number in the upper right hand corner of the header